Unlocking the Secrets to Financial Aid at University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne, one of Australia’s premier universities, provides a range of financial assistance options to ensure students can access its world-class education. For eligible Australian students, the main form of aid is HECS-HELP, which provides loans to cover tuition fees that only need repaying once income reaches a minimum threshold. Need-based Youth Allowance is also available.

Financial Aid at University of Melbourne

International students have access to a number of University of Melbourne undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships and grants. These are awarded based on academic merit, equity considerations, or to encourage diversity. The Money@Melbourne program delivers bursaries and emergency funds to students facing financial difficulties.

Students can also utilize FEE-HELP for fee deferrals, payment plans, and loans. Private student loans are another avenue to explore through participating banks. To receive ongoing assistance, students must reapply annually and meet citizenship, enrollment and academic progress criteria.

Financial aid is directly applied towards tuition fees, with any overpayment refunded to students. The University’s Student Financial Aid unit assists with understanding eligibility and applications. By planning ahead and submitting applications well before semester enrollment deadlines, students can secure the necessary financial support.

With a mix of government assistance, university aid, and private funding options, the University of Melbourne provides pathways for students from all backgrounds to access world-leading education. Exploring what is available early can make financing studies achievable.


Q: What financial help is available for Australian students at Melbourne University?
A: Domestic students can access HECS-HELP loans and Youth Allowance through the government.

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Q: What types of scholarships are available for international students?
A: International students can apply for a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships and grants offered by the University.

Q: How can I get financial help for unexpected expenses?
A: The University’s Money@Melbourne program offers emergency bursaries and hardship grants for enrolled students.

Q: When should I apply for financial aid at Melbourne University?
A: Submit applications at least 6-8 weeks before the start of semester to allow processing time. Reapply annually.

Q: Does the University offer private student loans?
A: Yes, they facilitate access to private loans through partnerships with banks and other outside lenders.

Q: How is my financial aid paid out?
A: Aid is paid directly to your university account to cover tuition and fees. Refunds are issued for any overpayments.

Q: What are the academic requirements to continue receiving aid?
A: You must maintain satisfactory performance and progress for ongoing scholarship and grant eligibility.

Q: Who can I contact about financial aid questions?
A: Get in touch with the Student Financial Aid unit by phone, email, or in person to discuss your options.

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