Financing Your Nursing Education: Securing Loans for Nursing School

Between competitive admissions and rigorous academic demands, nursing school alone poses immense challenges without struggling financially. Obtaining loans providing coverage for tuition, fees, clinical supplies and living expenses throughout the program makes advancing your nursing education possible.

Filing FAFSA

Complete the annual Free Application for Federal Student Aid to gain eligibility for low-fixed rate federal direct loans with income-based repayment options – the most flexible financing solution.

Researching Scholarships

Submit relevant scholarship applications targeting nursing students specifically, whether based on academics, clinical specialties ranging from gerontology, oncology or pediatrics or underrepresented minority groups requiring added assistance.

Evaluating Private Loans

Compare multiple lenders rates and terms for supplemental private nursing loans to fill gaps beyond federal aid awarded. Focus repayment on highest interest loans first.

Maxing Out Employer Tuition Assistance

Many hospitals and clinics offer $3,000 up to $25,000 in annual tuition reimbursement for nursing students in exchange for committing to employment post-graduation.

Financing Your Nursing Education


Q: What loans help working nurses returning for advanced degrees?
A: Federal and private graduate PLUS loans geared towards grad/professional students offer higher borrowing limits and tax-deductible interest benefits.

Q: What loan forgiveness programs exist?
A: Federal and state programs provide partial forgiveness for nurses working full-time at nonprofit or public hospitals in high need, underserved areas.

Q: Should I only borrow what’s immediately necessary?
A: Yes – excessive loans beyond actual nursing school costs at reasonable community college tuition rates result in accruing unnecessary interest payments.

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Let no outdated perceptions around presumed ease accessing loans or aid limit your professional nursing aspirations. Sufficient, affordable financing options exist through informed research

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